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Sterling Paramore

03/13/2023, 9:54 PM
I’ve been using dagster-serverless for a while and it’s working great. I haven’t developed locally in a while, but I’ve now I’m running into a problem. Even without any changes to the code that is running in dagster-serverless, every job I try to run locally eventually raises this error:
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Multiprocess executor: child process for step was terminated by signal 7 (SIGBUS).
The error comes up at different times in the pipeline, but it happens within 2 minutes every time. I’m running dagit in a container on an M1 Mac. I’ve assigned 8GB memory to docker, and it doesn’t look like I’m getting at all close to the memory limit. I’m a bit stumped here.
Well shoot. I took my docker files and ran everything on an Intel Mac and it works flawlessly.
I tried forcing
, but I was getting some bizarre errors about it not being able to load the python regex library. Looks like there might be some changes to MacOS 13 rosetta in docker for desktop that could have some effect, so I’m going to try upgrading from 12 to 13 and try again
Upgrading to MacOS 13 and enabling the experimental features did not resolve the issue with the SIGBUS error
Strangely, this helped somewhat. It reduced the issue to “sometimes” rather than every time.
FOUND THE ISSUE - I had switched my Docker for Desktop to use VirtioFS. This sped up some builds, but ultimately caused this issue. Switching back to gRPC FUSE make this error go away