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Tim Leers

03/14/2023, 10:29 AM
I have an open-source Docker deployment of dagster on Azure using DockerRunLauncher. What’s the optimal way to share secrets/environment variables with user code containers spun up by DockerRunLauncher? just refers to the Open-source docker deployment guide, where no more mention is made of how to implement this for user code images


03/14/2023, 10:11 PM
Hi Tim - there isn't a fantastic story for this in Docker currently which is one reason the docs are a bit thin here - in particular since docker doesn't have an abstraction like a k8s secret (or secretsmanager secrets in ECS that you can configure containers to launch with), the environment variables need to already be available in the container that launches the run. Another alternative is to include the environment variables as a .env file as a volume in the container that's injected into the container at startup time. But generally this is an area that we'd like to improve, we have much better stories here in both k8s and ECS. Would the volume direction be something that you're interested in?
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