Hi great community, I am looking for someone who c...
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Hi great community, I am looking for someone who can help me to understand how to write an IOmanager for PySpark.
Hi Dias! Glad to help you out here. Which IO manager are you basing yours off of and what part doesn't work?
Hi tim, I'm trying to do spark job  and it looks like if I want to read data from various sources dat I have to set up an IOmanager (define path file, handle input and handle output ) I'm new in dagster and I don't really understand the main concepts of those files. I thought it will be straightforward but obviously not for me. class LocalParquetIOManager(IOManager): def _get_path(self, context): return os.path.join(context.run_id, context.step_key, context.name) def handle_output(self, context, obj): obj.write.parquet(self._get_path(context)) def load_input(self, context): spark = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate() return spark.read.parquet(self._get_path(context.upstream_output))@io_managerdef local_parquet_io_manager(): return LocalParquetIOManager() HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BLUE LINE ABOVE????? Thanks for your help. regards, Dias