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Casper Weiss Bang

03/15/2023, 1:08 PM
a lot of the links seems to be dead regarding loggers, for instance the link to the list of builtin loggers as well at the link to the json logger
does anyone have any experience with changing the default logger? i am outputting logs in docker and then to journald, and for some reason most logs have level error even though they aren't . also i'd love for each log entry to be confied as per the motivation in the json logger
also this seems to no longer work:
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import warnings
import dagster

warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", category=dagster.ExperimentalWarning)
i don't seem to be able to specify a default logger.
please help with logging. how do i specify another default logger?
It seems dagster apparently doesn't fully utilize logging as defined in the loggers if run via dagit/dagster dev - and i therefore couldn't see the logs as expected 😄 this is a bit tedious 😄
however it is a bit annoying that i cannot get the default dagster logs out in another format. - i.e temetry message etc