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03/20/2023, 6:27 PM
Hi. This weekend I've been using GPT-4 to create Dagster code, and it went surprisingly well. The main issue is that the last version GPT-4 knows is 0.13.8 (Nov-2021), so most code is pretty obsolete (as a curious note, theoretically the knowledge cut for GPT-4 is Sep-2021, not Nov). Did anyone else try any other LLM to generate Dasgter code? Is the code generated by Copilot more modern?

Zachary Bluhm

03/20/2023, 6:31 PM
I've been playing around with it in copilot, and it seems to suffer from the same issue 😞
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03/21/2023, 7:44 AM
try pasting in relevant parts of the docs (view page source + copy the html) before asking it to produce the code. it's a bit more tedious but the results are good. woops read gpt-4 as chat-gpt. might run into context length issues without chatgpt


03/21/2023, 8:21 AM
@Oliver I meant ChatGTP with GPT-4. I'll try that, but in general the kind of questions I was asking were not explained on a single page. I.e. things like having a job producing a random number of dynamic assets, with a sensor waiting for all of them to finish

li liang

05/15/2023, 2:27 AM
Hi, How about working with Copilot now? Are there progress or new experience?