# community-showcase

Nicolas Galland

03/21/2023, 4:18 PM
Hello, for a client I made a small interface to simplify the configuration of notebook dags for people who don't know dagster at all. It's far from an optimal way to use dagster, but they like it, so I thought maybe other people would have use for it. The idea : you declare the notebooks you want to orchestrate/schedule in a toml file and they appeir in dagster. You don't need to know dagster. Who is it for : people who don't know dagster and don't want to learn it. In my case, three data analysts use this for their POCs, before migrating the code into airflow once ready Why is it relevant : not sure 😅 . I prefer to use vanilla dagster but this data analysts (juniors) like it. It can be a first step in the dagster world.
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