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Rusty Zarse

03/23/2023, 12:46 PM
I cleared out my virtual env to ensure my team's README was clear. Now I can't launch
dagster dev
. When I run
dagster dev -m optios_orchestration.data_orchestration
It errors with
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Usage: dagster dev [OPTIONS]
Try 'dagster dev -h' for help.

Error: The dagit Python package must be installed in order to use the dagster dev command. If you're using pip, you can install the dagit package by running "pip install dagit" in your Python environment.
I've run
pip install dagit
several times but this issue persists.
pip list
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Package                Version      Editable project location
---------------------- ----------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
dagit                  1.2.3
dagster                1.2.3
dagster-cloud          1.2.3
dagster-cloud-cli      1.2.3
dagster-graphql        1.2.3
Well... I uninstalled all dagster packages from both my virtual env and my system pip. I then reinstalled
pip install dagster dagit
and it's working.


03/23/2023, 2:26 PM
glad it’s working! i wonder if the libraries got into a funny state. let us know if it happens again!