Hi, I have some ops made for triggering airbyte co...
# integration-airbyte
Hi, I have some ops made for triggering airbyte connections and I would like to turn them into assets, but I found a limitation. I define the ops as :
airbyte_sync_op.configured({"connection_id": "515eed7f-1007-4947-8a77-ef26d0025f6c","yield_materializations": False},name="sync_airbyte_1")
, with this I can target a connection only with the id. If I define an airbyte asset, in order to target a specific id, I need to pass a list of tables that with the op it's unnecesary. A part from that, I do get an error related to that list of tables. Is there a way to define an asset with the same information that the op? (meaning only the id of the connection) code for asset:
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airbyte_asset_1 = with_resources(
    {"airbyte": airbyte_instance},