Hello! I tried to update our way of defining a <c...
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Hello! I tried to update our way of defining a code location using Definitions instead of repository. I have a module name
with: • one asset (define as decorated function), • one job (defined through
), • one sensor triggering the asset (defined as decorated function), • and an
at the module root containing the following code:
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from dagster import Definitions
from pipelines.core.resources.my_resource import my_resource
from pipelines.my_folder.job import my_job
from pipelines.my_folder.sensors import my_sensor
from pipelines.my_folder.assets import my_asset

defs = Definitions(
    resources={'my_resource': my_resource}
I then start
dagster dev -m my_module
Everything works correctly and seeing the log I can say that my sensor and job are being triggered. But there are numerous pages inside dagit that contains errors looking like the ones attached. Do you know what could I have done wrong ? Is it a known bug (I have seen another person mention the same a month ago) ? Thank you by advance and have a nice day!
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The error:
Also I do see my module being loaded properly:
For anyone passing by here, I found the issue. If you name your package
, there’s an error in the front end. Dagit URLs look like this
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If your module is named
, legacy code here, will try to find a “pipeline” called “jobs” which probably doesn’t exists, which gives you this error. Just rename your package 🙂
Thanks for finding this and filing an issue 🙏
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