Hi everyone! We’ve finally converted the <Public U...
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Hi everyone! We’ve finally converted the Public Utility Data Liberation project (PUDL) to use Dagster! PUDL is an open source project that provides analysis-ready energy system data to climate advocates, researchers, policymakers, and journalists. Dagster has made it much easier to integrate new data into our pipelines and liberate more important energy system data. You can read more about the dagster work in this github discussion. If you’re interested in energy data, climate advocacy, dagster and messy data wrangling we’re always looking for contributors!
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Been following that and I have to say I love how it turned out and how well you all work together! Such an inspiration both for the work you do and the way you do it!
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Wow thanks @David Gasquez!
This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing
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Very cool! Will surely look into your work. For the German voluntary initiative wattbewerb.de, which organizes an inter-municipality ranking/challenge tracking PV installations, I do data processing and visualization via superset.