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03/31/2023, 8:17 PM
Hi all! Is a plain
not supported for the Pythonic run config? I'm getting the following when trying to use it
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Error loading repository location Error defining config. Original value passed: typing.Literal['cat', 'kat']. typing.Literal['cat', 'kat'] cannot be resolved.
This value can be a:
    - Field
    - Python primitive types that resolve to dagster config types
        - int, float, bool, str, list.
    - A dagster config type: Int, Float, Bool, Array, Optional, Selector, Shape, Permissive, Map
    - A bare python dictionary, which is wrapped in Field(Shape(...)). Any values
      in the dictionary get resolved by the same rules, recursively.
    - A python list with a single entry that can resolve to a type, e.g. [int]
It seems like it's currently only supported in the context of discriminated unions (, is that correct? I just want to use it to limit the possible values for a field without having to write custom validators.