Ivan Tsarev

04/03/2023, 12:10 AM
Solved Hi folks! I`m trying to setup alerts from Dagster Cloud to work with Slack, but stuck a bit at
After the installation completes, invite the
@Dagster Cloud
bot user to the desired channel.
step. Slack cannot find this user to add, so I cannot add user and receive pretty much expected error:
slack_sdk.errors.SlackApiError: The request to the Slack API failed. (url: <>)
The server responded with: {'ok': False, 'error': 'not_in_channel'}
What am I doing wrong? Upd: I've added Dagster Cloud as application to the channel, but still get the error. Upd 2: Solved - I`ve added wrong app -
instead of
Dagster Cloud
:dagster-bot-resolve: 1