I am trying to bring in an asset that is defined i...
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I am trying to bring in an asset that is defined in another repository so it can be used as a dependent asset in my current repository. I have the external asset defined as shown in the screenshot but my downstream assets still do not seem to be recognizing it.
I was able to load my upstream assets and see the correct lineage, but I cannot materialize anything beyond the first asset. I instead see the pictured error. It seems that the issue is that the code for the upstream assets I've brought in are located in a different code repository than the downstream ones. Is there a way to materialize the entire run?
Currently, each run can only target assets within one repository. Out of curiosity, why have them in different repositories? Might you be able to use a sensor to trigger the downstream asset after the upstream one completes? Here's an issue to track adding the capability to have the materialize button work when the assets are in different repositories: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/13353