Hi all, really loving dagster but have recently co...
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Hi all, really loving dagster but have recently come across extremely slow startup and code server reload times (in excess of a 1-4mins). I'm wondering if this is related to imports etc? But weirdly this is occuring both when running
dagster dev
and when dagster jobs init / start new steps also. I've also tried using the forkserver config applied to each job to see if that helps, but no luck so far.
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    "execution": {
        "config": {
            "multiprocess": {
                "start_method": {
                    "forkserver": {},

get_asx_news_job = define_asset_job(
For additional info I am importing a module of code (basically a service/API lib) written prior to using dagster which gets called inside some assets - but i wouldn't think 10 or so python files should impact this that dramatically?
Hi Sam - if you run the python file or module directly in python, leaving Dagster out of the mix entirely, how long does it take for the file to import and execute?