Hey all! We're trying to get a Kubernetes via Hel...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hey all! We're trying to get a Kubernetes via Helm deployment working and hit a bit of a snag. Unfortunately, for reasons unrelated to the technology, we need to utilize MySQL for run/event log/schedule persistence. This does not appear to supported through the Dagster-supplied Helm Chart (or I've missed something). I'm about to head down (re)roll-your-own road on the chart, just curious if anyone has had any success or advice to offer there. I believe I had read that this feature is on the roadmap, but it didn't sound like there is a clearly defined timeline (which, totally understand, I have no good reason to use MySQL in this case other than a constraint that really shouldn't exist anyway, but I digress lol ). If it's helpful as an example for anyone, I could take a bit of extra time and have a go at integrating a MySQL option into the Helm templates/schema of the Dagster project rather than modifying the chart more directly.
Hi Justin - if that's something you're willing to send out, we'd be very appreciative. Dagster itself already has built-in mysql support so I think it would just be a matter of exposing the right hooks in the Helm chart to configure the dagster.yaml correctly.
Cool cool! Yeah, I had no issue getting MySQL running as the backend, sans the Helm deploy piece. I'll take a whack at it... From a bit of clicking around, it seemed relatively straightforward. We shall see, though : ) Thanks, @daniel!