Hi all. Release notes for 1.2.0 read: > Asset p...
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Hi all. Release notes for 1.2.0 read:
Asset partitions can now depend on earlier time partitions of the same asset
Is it correct that the following is still unsupported:
Assets A and B have the same time partition. B depends on A, and A wants to depend on the previous partition of B.
(so if we wanted to materialize these, the correct sequence would be
A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, ...
where the numbers represent partitions) Currently getting a
-- spent some time debugging but figured I should check if this is meant to be supported before continuing.
Hi Timo - that is currently unsupported
Thanks for confirming! I assume it's on your radar already. Worth writing up a feature request on GitHub -- or should I just keep a look out for this in future releases 🙂?
A feature request on Github would be helpful! This is actually the first time we've heard this request
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