Gabe Schine

04/07/2023, 3:22 AM
Hello - I've got an asset that is a fan-in from many upstream assets. Those upstream assets have
set on them, since they only output new data if the data is changed since last materialization. I'd like the downstream asset to be materialized if any of the upstream assets output new data, but currently the job will abort materializing the downstream asset if even one upstream doesn't output a new value.
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Is there a way to change the logic so that the downstream asset is always rebuilt?

Robert Wade

04/07/2023, 3:53 PM
I don't work for dagster support -- but look at a multi-asset-sensor. There is an example in the docs that shows a sensor kicking off a job if ALL of the upstream assets have output and also an example kicking off a job if ANY of the upstream assets have output.
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Gabe Schine

04/07/2023, 4:03 PM
Thank you. I'll check it out!