Hi. I’m new to Dagster and have been trying to rec...
# deployment-ecs
Hi. I’m new to Dagster and have been trying to reconfigure Dagster containers in ECS but I’m running into problems. For our team Dagster is currently running on EC2. I have not reconfigured any of the dagster code deployed on EC2 yet for ECS, and perhaps this is causing of some of the problems. For the most part, I’ve been following the multi-container code examples in the dagster/examples/deploy_ecs. I’ve configured 3 services/containers: dagit, daemon and user_code. Each service has its own task definition. The services and task definitions are defined using terraform. I’ve configured ECS Service Connect to connect the 3 services in ECS. I’m able to get the user_code container to deploy and run successfully but the daemon (dagster-daemon) and dagit containers stop running fairly soon after start-up with an exit code of 0. One of my questions is, shouldn’t all the containers be running? I have the target group for my ALB configured with a health check for the dagit container on port 3000 for grpc, which results in a healthy state for the ecs service connect endpoint for the user_code container. My goal is get the configuration up and running so that one can connect via the Route 53 A record to the dagit UI. At present, there is a successful connection (i’ve double checked routes and security groups- all good). however, I’m getting a blank page after connecting. Could someone please direct me to what I’m doing wrong, or perhaps point me to documentation that would help to fix the issues I’m having. Will be glad to share dagster.yaml, docker-compose.yml, Dockerfile, etc.
my team has the same setup, including using terraform and a private route53 domain
i'd probably try to look at the ECS task logs for the dagster daemon service first and see why it's exiting instead of... well, daemonizing same goes for the dagit task, find out why it's exiting 0 from the ecs task logs
You could try to get Dagit + Daemon working without a user_code deployment - the UI would not be a blank page but would be empty workspace for starts
Thanks, appreciate your help on this. btw, i’m using your dockerfile example. helped a ton.
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