Lisa Cloutier

04/11/2023, 9:28 PM
Hi I'm Lisa, a senior data engineer working in my first architecture role. After a bad experience with Airflow at a previous company, I recommended Dagster (after a really great demo) to my company and we will be deploying the open source version along with Airbyte over the next couple of weeks. I'm really excited by Dagster's features, especially the integrations with both dbt and Airbyte. Looking for all the resources I can get - how best to organize our repo for Dagster, where to include dbt code, how to deploy dbt documentation, and implementation for Kubernetes. I'm super excited to get started!
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Faisal Anees

04/12/2023, 7:45 PM
We are on the same setup ! Dagster + Airbyte + DBT. If at any point you will consider programatically creating Airbyte connections, I'll highly recommend the
library (built by dagster) over the
tool (built by Airbyte) because of superior features and ease of use
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