# dagster-feedback

Andres Crucetta

04/12/2023, 3:30 PM
I know it's an experimental feature but as a new developer it has been extremely confusing how to handle and test using Pythonic resources or configurations. I've seen env variables expressed as EnvVar() and os.getenv in different parts of the documentation. It's not clear to me which one we should use with Pythonic resources or why EnvVar exists in the first place. For testing, I've had to jerry-rig adding a context through build_op_context to the file to even be able to run it. Even though the only two arguments should be the resources and the configuration object. There seem to be a lot of rough edges and conflicting communication here.
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Dagster Jarred

04/12/2023, 8:24 PM
thanks for the feedback @Andres Crucetta - were actually releasing a more mature version of this feature next week (along with a substantial rework of all of our documents which eliminates references to the old ways of doing things)
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