quick question for the Cloud team: when using `dag...
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quick question for the Cloud team: when using
dagster-cloud deployment update-location
command to force updating of the code_location in Hybrid mode, Im noticing that the dagster cloud Agent is not re-pulling the Docker image locally to get the latest version from (in this case) AWS ECR. how would I force the Agent to re-pull every time a new version of the code_location is loaded?
Hi Ivan - which agent is this? (Docker / k8s / ecs/ etc.)
We generally recommend using a unique tag whenever you change your code if that's possible (the git sha is one popular choice) - that solves a number of problems including this one
using the Docker agent. yep that makes sense. using a
tag for now to have an singular version for the latest development container of our code. if we do switch to using the git hash as the container tag, how would I update the code_location definition where in the
property (of the yaml definition) I reference the image to use? thank you very much @daniel for your quick response
could that unique container tag be specified directly via the update command with the
dagster-cloud deployment update-location --image $ECR_REGISTRY/$ECR_REPOSITORY:$IMAGE_TAG --package-name package_name code_location_name
That's exactly right yeah
🙏 1
sweet! 🙂 thank you very much. implementing now