Hey there! I have an asset in which I am trying t...
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Hey there! I have an asset in which I am trying to specify resource limits with an op_tags and then refresh these assets using a reconciliation_sensor. If I provide it as a str : str in the run_tags for the reconciliation sensor things work as expected. However if I go to the UI and materialize it manually the tags are not provided automatically meaning its hard to manually run these assets. I also added it in the op_tags for the asset but that doesn't seem to do anything.
Hi Pablo. Agree that this behavior is confusing. The reason why this is happening is that the tags on the asset aren't propagated to a run that generates a materialization. Only the tags on a job are, which means that in order for the resource limits specified via tags to apply, you'd have to define the on the job:
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my_job = define_asset_job("my_job", [my_asset], tags={"ecs/cpu": "256"})
And then when you materialize from the UI, you'll have to do so from the job page.
Yeah my concern there is that people might not be aware that they should not directly materialize the asset from the UI. It would be nice for materialize to be able to propagate the tags (or maybe to block people from being able to materialize something from the UI if thats not possible)