I tried loading a partitioned asset value with `lo...
# dagster-feedback
I tried loading a partitioned asset value with
without specifying a partition, and got a very unhelpful error. I think the function tried to load the parent directory containing the partitioned asset with pickle as though it was the pickled file, giving me an unhelpful
. I eventually realized the problem was I wasn't specifying a
. It would be helpful if, in a case like this, the error message told me explicitly to supply a partition key for a partitioned asset, rather than leave it to the lower level pathlib to throw an error that doesn't explain what I did wrong.
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, that does sound like an unhelpful error. I'll bring it back to the team. Thanks for trying out
! It's one of my favorite hidden gems of Dagster.
Yeah, seems like a really nice feature.