Hey. Trying to play around a little with asset par...
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Hey. Trying to play around a little with asset partitions. reading some files from a localfile system and just return the partition key as a string. I get the error dagster._check.CheckError: Failure condition: Tried to access partition key for output 'result' of step 'process_output', but the step output has a partition range: 'laz-files/A.laz' to 'laz-files/C.laz'. Below is the simple example i tried. What am i doing wrong here? Thanks for the help!
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def process_output(context):
    partition_string = context.asset_partition_key_for_output()
    return partition_string

defs = Definitions(
Hey Ajita did you try to do a "single run" backfill? In that case the asset would be passed a partition range not a single partition key. But if you do a multi-run backfill (the default) the asset should be called multiple times with one key per run
Hey! thanks for getting back. I realised that the reason my multi-run backfill wasnt working is beacause the dagster daemon wasnt running.