Has anyone had experience with setting up Dagster ...
# deployment-kubernetes
Has anyone had experience with setting up Dagster on Azure Container Apps? Supposedly it runs on k8s behind the scenes, I'm wondering if the k8s Dagster images can be used for this purpose, or should we build the images from scratch.
The images themselves are probably fine - they’re mostly just vanilla installs of various dagster libraries https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/python_modules/automation/automation/docker/images/dagster-k8s/Dockerfile I’m otherwise not familiar with Azure Container Apps - unless they expose the K8s apis or docker socket to you, you’ll probably be unable to use any of the native K8s or Docker executors/launchers. Instead, you’ll probably have to write your own or stick to the defaults. https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/open-source#concepts
I think so too. Rolling our own images will give us better control over the content. Thanks for the quick check.