Hi everyone, I just joint the community and have a...
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Hi everyone, I just joint the community and have a question regarding how to access the run log. What we want to do is we want to create a script that will query the dragster run log to get all the failed job in the last hour. But I don't seem to find any API that allows me to query log as a whole... Does anyone know how to do that? Much appreciated.. edit: we use python to create data pipelines
hi @Timothy L! this is the right place for questions 🙂. you can query the run logs using the DagsterInstance. In general, it's easiest to orchestrate this sort of function within dagster itself, using something like a schedule. Within that schedule, you get access to the
, allowing you to call context.instance.get_runs. There, you can pass in a RunsFilter object, where you can select for run with the "failed" status that were updated in the last hour
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