Hi Just a cosmetic issue, but I'm having problems...
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Hi Just a cosmetic issue, but I'm having problems specifying asset out descriptions for a graph_multi_asset. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here:
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def return_1():
    return 1

        "val": AssetOut(description="wibble asset")
def graph_multi_asset_test():
    """ description from body of graph here string """
    return return_1()
With this, the description of the asset "val" in dagit is "_description from body of graph here string_" rather than the description in the AssetOut(). If there is no here string in the multi_asset, I just get a blank description. Running dagit, 1.3.0 and dagster 1.3.0, but its a long standing thing I think. Hardly a biggie, but I thought I'd mention it in case you were just twiddling your thumbs 😆
huh, today I learned! That's an odd one. Thanks for sharing this! Slack messages only last 3 months on here. Do you mind raising a GitHub issue so we can triage and track it? Feel free to just copy+paste this message over.
Thanks for your response, Created an issue here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/13864
keanu thanks 1
seems to be fixed now