Hi guys. Not sure if someone already reported this...
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Hi guys. Not sure if someone already reported this or not. I find that I can't directly pass nested pythonic config as argument for op&asset (dagster version: 1.3.1):
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from dagster import op, Config

class DayConfig(Config):
    day: str

class FileConfig(Config):
    day_config: DayConfig

def get_day(config: FileConfig) -> str:
    return config.day_config.day

and I got following error
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>           raise DagsterInvalidConfigError(
                f"Error in config for {_get_friendly_string(configurable_def)}",
E           dagster._core.errors.DagsterInvalidConfigError: Error in config for op
E               Error 1: Value at path root:config:day_config must be dict. Expected: "{ day: (String | { env: String }) }".
It does work if I pass dictionary version of config.
Hey there - yup we got a report of a very similar issue earlier in the week, fix should be out for next release. cc @ben for visibility
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