Hi team, I have a question about `run_config`. I h...
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Hi team, I have a question about
. I have a lot of ops/assets within a job that use say
. To provide the config to the job, I have to create a dictionary mapping every
to the same config e.g.
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    {'op_1': TagConfig(a=1, b=3), 'op_2': TagConfig(a=1, b=3), ....'op_n': TagConfig(a=1, b=3)}
I am trying to avoid typing this same thing for about 10 or more ops/assets. Is there a way to just provide this config to the job without having to do it for each asset/op key? Just like how resources work. Thanks
what you could do is instead use a resource for this - and add the
to the resource
I did that with the resource but the challenge is the resource has default values so when triggering a run from the UI, and the user is not aware of the resource, they could materialize with the default resource configuration. Am I missing anything?
I was hoping to do this with
because config would always prompt you for the missing configs before materializing
You should be able to set a ConfigurableResource without default config I believe? You would use
@chris Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.
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