Hi everyone, I currently am using Dagster Cloud a...
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Hi everyone, I currently am using Dagster Cloud and it runs well for production use case, Therefore, for development, we are currently still using local dagster, because branch deployments are not convenient :
Branch deployments forces us to wait ~3min on every commit (CD), which slows down the iterative process of development.
I was wondering if there is any easier workflow to do developments on Dagster Cloud ?
you can register a local agent I belive
Thanks for your answer, Therefore this solution works for hybrid workload. I forgot to mention I use dagster cloud in Serverless (not hybrid)
does local mean local on your laptop or something else?
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Yes exactly, local in our computers
Thats expected to be a good workflow for development, what problems are you having that lead you to look for something easier?
We meet no issues for now, It was to simplify the usage for teamates of mine that does not have experience in managing local environment (env variables, python installations, etc ... ) We are used to use DBT Cloud for the transform/modelize part of our data-platform, which offers ways to develop/test/preview/push in a seamless manneer
But if there is no easier alternative, I guess we'll stick to that !