Hi, me again! Question around the provided Github ...
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Hi, me again! Question around the provided Github Actions for deploying to Cloud. We self-hosted dagster on our aws infrastructure for our proof of concept. We have 4 code locations, three of which are for each of our dbt projects. They all use a single docker image and we pass in the dbt project that should be used as a build arg. So our build step in our self-hosted proof of concept was
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- name: Dagster Build and Push Images
    run: |
      docker build -f dbt_projects/Dockerfile --build-arg dbt_project_name=dbt_redshift -t $REGISTRY_URL/dbt-redshift:$TF_VAR_sha .
      docker push $REGISTRY_URL/dbt-redshift:$TF_VAR_sha
In looking through https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster-cloud-action/blob/main/actions/hybrid_prod_deploy/action.yml, it doesn’t look like build args are an option. We’d rather not have 3 identical docker images with a slightly different path. Is anyone aware of a work around or should we create a PR to add that as an option? Thanks!
I’m not sure theres a work around. Sending a PR that shows roughly what you need should be good. We can either take it over from there or work to get it merged.
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Hi Eric - also note we are currently working on a new modular ci/cd workflow that we plan to have ready next week. Some details here. This should allow you to plug in your own docker build/test/upload steps and then deploy them in different code locations. If you have a PR to fix the current workflow, we are still happy to review and merge.
Thanks Shalabh, we saw that thread and decided to work on some other things around our dagster cloud setup instead
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This should allow you to build and push one docker image and then re-use that for multiple code locations using the