I am doing a one-partition-per-file approach. I ha...
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I am doing a one-partition-per-file approach. I have 100s of files, which will grow. Currently, I am finding it unwieldy to interact with this many (non datetime) partitions in dagit. I'd like this sort of situation better supported. Some suggestions: • The big one: Hierarchical partitions. This would let me group things, for easier perusal. Essentially, I'd like "folders" for my partitions, which could be explored and selected in the dagit gui in the materialization and asset detail pages. These could use similar concepts to what you already have for assets, such as "groups" or "key_prefixes," or something new. Whatever they are are called, it should be easy for me to select groups to materialize partitions dagit or from the various python or command line interfaces. • Unify the partition filter/selection interface across daggit. Currently each place seems to have its own interface. Currently the best filtering seems to be in the "materialize asset" page. ◦ The asset detail view should have the same support to filter partitions as the materialization interface (currently I see no filter option at all) ◦ The launchpad page (reached by shift clicking on the "materialize" button) partition selection box should be bigger or resizable: my long partition names do not fit in it. • Possibly support regular expressions or wildcards (*) for partition filtering, instead of the current filter which I think is just a prefix search ◦ Side note: I couldn't find a note on exactly what the partition filter box did. The first thing I tried was wildcards, which didn't work 🙂. From trial and error I figured out it was basically an autocomplete. I will say that the current situation is much better than when static partitions were viewed by a "timeline". I recently updated to 1.3.1, and like the filter system better. So... progress!
Hi! Thanks for sharing. This is really valuable user feedback about your experience with partitions. I'll make sure that the team is aware of it.
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FWIW, Another thing that might make this work for our case, is having more than 2d multi-dimensional partitions. I think the hierarchy scheme is more the mental model I'd prefer though. Caveat being that I haven't experimented with the multi-dimensional partitions yet.