What is the correct way to do this -- remove a sin...
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What is the correct way to do this -- remove a single asset from the assets group created?
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my_assets = load_assets_from_package_module(
    package_module=my_asset_package, group_name=MYSTUFF
) - AssetSelection.keys("Asset_to_remove")
we currently dont support subselect in
curious on what exact use case you are trying to achieve?
in asset selection (syntax), we do support
selection1 - selection2
syntax which would exclude the
I have a bunch of assets that logically belong together. One of them is a data processing flow that depends on some external data. That data often is delivered but incorrect and the only way for me to find that out is to have a conversation with the person who delivers it... So, I also have a few assets that will remove incorrect processed data and clean it up for the times when it's incorrectly processed. What I would like to be able to do is have all of these assets live in the same module, but to create two groups out of them so that they are not displayed as part of the same flow in the UI. I was able to remove them in the Job creation, using the Asset Selection Syntax, but when clicking on the Asset Group in the Dagit UI, they all still appear to be part of the same flow.