Hi everyone :wave::wave:! We're excited to announc...
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Hi everyone 👋👋! We're excited to announce the Dagster Community Advisory Board- @Jonathan Neo @Zach P @Stephen Bailey @Andrea @Vinnie @Daniel Gafni and are looking for new folks to join! We are so thankful to everyone in the Dagster community and want to recognize the champions that are out there helping others, showcasing their Dagster work, and giving us incredibly valuable product feedback. Some of the benefits of joining the board include community recognition, Dagster Cloud Serverless Credits, community meeting spotlights, beta-testing new features, access to our marketing and product team, and some other surprises we have up our sleeve. If you enjoy supporting other members of the community, spreading the word about Dagster, contributing to the project, getting together with other members of the community in a meetup, or leading discussions on software/data engineering best practices, you might be a great candidate to join the Board. Want in? Apply here Dagstar Application
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What about cool dagster stickers? 😮 dagster yay
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