Weekly Release Highlights: 1.3.3 :sparkles: :hatch...
# dagster-releases
Weekly Release Highlights: 1.3.3 🐣 Pythonic resources can now manage startup and teardown with lifecycle hooks ❇️
now accept a
to add a key prefix to loaded source assets 📫 A new filtering experience for the Runs page after enabling a feature flag More about cloud: 🥡
values have been added to the agent helm chart. More about integrations: 🗄️ [dagster-aws/azure/gcp] blob storage I/O managers can load partitioned inputs 🪵 [dagster-aws] Get a link to the file in S3 rather than the contents for the S3 compute log manager with the
show_url_only: true
option Experimental changes: 🐙 [dagster-airbyte] Introduced experimental support for Airbyte Cloud 🦑 [dagster-airbyte] load_assets_from_airbyte_* now take a connection_to_auto_materialize_policy_fn for setting AutoMaterializePolicys on Airbyte assets What was your favorite change in this release? React to this message with its emoji!
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