I raised an <issue> for the issues with the ingest...
# integration-airbyte
I raised an issue for the issues with the ingestion as code package since
, but I think I've identified a fairly easy fix. Essentially, starting with the AirbyteManagedReconciler, simply changing the input parameter to an AirbyteResource, and then removing the param_checks looking for a
, and doing the same on this class and this function made the whole thing work with the new Airbyte pythonic resource. I just edited my local install of Dagster to test, and was able to get
dagster dev
to run, and the cli tool to deploy config to Airbyte as well. I'm following the contributing instructions to set up a local environment for contributing right now, but I'm a little wary. I'm assuming the tests for this part of the library didn't catch this bug up-front, so I worry my changes might cause some other uncaught regression. Is there anyone more familiar with this part of the code that can help verify my assumptions/changes above?
https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/14137 PR here, for anyone else looking to track
amazing thank you! will review!
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