Feel like a noob here, but what are the difference...
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Feel like a noob here, but what are the differences between python_logs and compute_logs in dagster.yaml? (dagster 1.2.1, dagster-k8s 0.18.1)
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Python logs are messages sent using python's build-in logging module (https://docs.python.org/3/howto/logging.html), Compute logs are just anything printed to stdout/stderr during op execution
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and those keys in dagster.yaml let you configure the capturing/storage of those two types of logs
Thank you Anthony! It seems these two capture the same information right?
Usually no - most python loggers are not usually writing to the terminal, and a function/program you call from your op could be just `print`ing stuff you want to capture. Unless I misunderstand what you mean?
No I think you are right, though there is some overlap. When I look at the structured logs of a run, some of the logs also go to stderr. But not all
Suddenly it becomes very clear!
thank you!
For some reason mentally I connected the structured event logs in dagit with the button next to it: raw compute logs (with stdout, stderr). But these things are different
no worries! there's definitely a lot of concepts to untangle at first - still trying to get my own head around everything. And yeah, many messages will appear in multiple logs 🙂 I think the structured event logs are actually a third thing, not the same as python logs OR compute logs: https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/ops-jobs-graphs/op-events