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Alex Willis

05/10/2023, 10:52 AM
Hi dagster support, would someone be able to help with the following? I'm using the
integration. When the validation fails, it fails the op and the result isn't saved anywhere, so that I can inspect it. Ideally it wouldn't fail the op, but just show as a warning. Any ideas how I can achieve that? I can split out the validation as a separate op, but I then need lots of additional ops to validate each result
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05/10/2023, 12:22 PM
Hi Alex, This is definitely a weakness in the current system. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great solution for now-- putting validation in a separate op (or job if it’s an asset) is the best we can do. However, you should know that first-class Asset Expectations are on our road map, they will allow you to do data quality checks etc independent of the type-check (that dagster-pandera uses) or materialization.

Alex Willis

05/10/2023, 12:54 PM
ok thanks for the update