Hi! :wave: I'm currently unable to deploy to my Da...
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Hi! 👋 I'm currently unable to deploy to my Dagster Cloud as I keep hitting
Error: No Dagster Cloud agent is actively heartbeating. Make sure that you have a Dagster Cloud agent running.
in the GitHub branch deploy action. The instance used to work a few months ago (I only upgraded today) and I've also updated the GitHub actions to the latest format from the serverless quickstart template. I believe this might be a similar issue to this one as I also had a trial last year which I let lapse. I added a payment method today to start using it again, so perhaps my agent was also spun down?
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If it helps, I also see this on the agents page in the Dagster Cloud UI – it's been stuck on this for a while
Hi robin - sorry for the trouble here, we’ll get this sorted out for you shortly (should be no more than 30 minutes or so)
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You should be back up and running now - sorry about that!
Just re-run the GH actions and looks like things deployed this time – thanks!