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Jan Hajny

05/11/2023, 11:07 AM
Hi folks, I have a question about Dagster opensource deployment on AWS. I have defined an ECS service with three tasks, one for Dagit, one for dagster-daemon and one for user code. I'm able to run the UI and I see the user code there too, however it seems that Dagit can't see the daemon process (I see "daemons not running" on an exclamation mark tooltip in deployment > daemons). When I check log output from each of the tasks, there seem to be no errors etc. So I guess my question is: How does the UI try to communicate with the daemon? I'm running Dagit with a
-w workspace.yaml
argument which allows it to find the user code container. Is there a similar setting somewhere for the daemon? Thanks for any advice!
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05/11/2023, 6:37 PM
Hi Jan - the UI communicates with the daemon by both reading from and writing to a shared Dagster database (often in Postgres) - you'll want to make sure that your tasks all have a dagster.yaml that is configured to point to that shared storage engine

Jan Hajny

05/12/2023, 4:36 AM
Oh thank you Daniel! That makes sense, I didn't want to bother setting up a DB initially so I though it would work if the system fell back on the default SQLite DB but then it isn't shared between containers. Yeah, I'll set up a proper shared persistence layer, thanks again!