# dagster-feedback

Joel Olazagasti

05/11/2023, 3:29 PM
An additional QOL nice-to-have in terms of UI/UX would be some level of control over the layout of the Global Asset Lineage view. We have a very wide/flat ingestion layer that condenses down to a few downstream assets. The current UI tends to build width-first, which can be fairly limiting and ends up in a lot of wasted screen real estate. Some things I wish I've wished I could do: • Toggle between top-down and left-right dependency organization • Manually move asset groups, drag and drop style • Ability to have asset groups organize grid style, as opposed to single-row only ◦ We have a fair number of asset groups that are ingestion-only with no downstream dependencies, and they tend to be what's cluttering the ui, stretching it out horizontally • An alternative solution to the above is to have assets with no downstreams land above the rest of the graph, visually. I know none of that is simple to implement, so low expectations here 🙂
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Daniel Kim

05/11/2023, 9:56 PM
+1 Had similar thought as well when I had to use factory pattern to build around 8 or so assets all spread out width wise.


05/12/2023, 7:19 PM
Thanks for the feedback Joel, I’m relaying this to our UI team