Hello, I've defined the `DBT_PROJECT_PATH` to loa...
# integration-dbt
Hello, I've defined the
to load assets from dbt, ā€¢ is there a way to exclude models included in the subdirectory
? ā€¢ It seems like the subdirectory :
is being ignored when loading the assets, any way we can enforce it ? I can see 'include'/'exclude' parameter, but I would rather avoid having to list all the models to exclude/include in the respective subdirectories above. thanks !
hi @Hiroto Yamakawa! for the first part, dbt selection syntax supports excluding based on path, that would look like
exclude = "path:dbt_packages"
. for the second point, by default, loading assets from your dbt project will only load models (and execute them using
dbt run
. If you'd like snapshots to be included, you can set
while loading your assets
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oh right, missed the path, I am so used to being in the directory itself šŸ™ Thanks for your prompt reply !
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@owen so
exclude = 'dbt_packages'
doesn't return an error , but the assets are still there šŸ˜•, I assume the exclude will just ensure they won't run when executing a job ? can we prevent them from being displayed in the assets?
doesn't allow them to show the snapshots
nevermind, it workds nicely. I was loading the same asset twice and the second declaration was at the very bottom of my script ... šŸ˜‚ TGIF