Hello, How to keep/store materialized asset statu...
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Hello, How to keep/store materialized asset status when we stop dagster daemon ? Here a dataframe materialized yesterday as a ".parquet" file, I had to shutdown my pc to apply MS Updates, today it is not materialized. Regards,
Hello, As mentioned by documentation (https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/dagster-instance#default-local-behavior), Dagster instance history is persisted if
environment variable is set. By default, it will be persisted in a local SQLite database. If not set, the history is not persisted and cleaned when you stop dagster.
isn't set, Dagster tools will use a temporary directory for storage that is cleaned up when the process exits. This can be useful when using Dagster for temporary local development or testing, when you don't care about the results being persisted.
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