I'm having an issue with the Dagster backfill daem...
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I'm having an issue with the Dagster backfill daemon - maybe someone could help me find some additional logging? More in thread
Essentially I have a widely, statically partitioned asset (~3000 partitions). I can run a backfill on the order of ~10 partitions, but when I try to backfill all of the partitions, runs never get queued. I checked the pod logs and saw that the backfill daemon has been dying.
Could this just be an out-of-memory error? Where can I find additional daemon logs apart from the pod logging?
Notably, as the partitioning is static it is hard for me to chunk the backfill into smaller bits. Two related notes: • As some other users have mentioned, there doesn't seem to be a way right now to cancel the asset backfill, so it is stuck in this state and prevents me from running other backfills • The scrollable list of partitions in the asset backfill jumps back to the start after I scroll 10-15 partitions down, not sure if anyone else has reported this.