Hello, As amount of data assets managed by a Dagst...
# dagster-feedback
Hello, As amount of data assets managed by a Dagster instance keeps growing and thanks to the code locations concepts multiple sub-teams can independently add and enrich their set of assets, it can become harder to explore and identify an asset that can be reused for additional needs. Asset description and Dagster type are great way to be able to understand available/implemented data assets (their structure and what information they provide). The current Dagit (
) search seems to be limited to asset/group/job names but does not seem to allow search on description or dagster types. Is this feature expected in your backlog or will we need to use a dedicated data catalog tool (such as DataHub) to manage exploration of data assets / (search in fields / description) ?
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More powerful Filtering and searching is a top priority and has in progress designs cc @josh
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