Hé are managing a lot of small cloud environments ...
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Hé are managing a lot of small cloud environments for many different customers. Most require only one job to be done (either daily or hourly). For us this means that setting up a large DAG-management system in Kubernetes is really overkill. However if it is possible to trigger a single Dagster job in a docker (that just spins up and shuts down after being done that would be great. I'm imagining a flow like the image below. Is that possible using Dagster? (this would enable us to have low maintenance, reusable, fully infra-structure-as-code deployable task orchestration)
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Would using the Dagster CLI work? I don't think you'd really have to deploy a Dagster instance, you'd just need Dagster and your code to execute to be installed in the Cloud Run docker container. The Dagster CLI could be the entrypoint, and then you'd just pass the container the job you want to run and any configuration. I think you'd lose a lot of the visibility that Dagit provides, but if you just care about running a job and have some external logging / reporting tools then it's probably not a big deal
That looks like exactly the command that I'm looking for. Thanks @Zach
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