Hello, :wave: I would like to suggest improving th...
# dagster-feedback
Hello, đź‘‹ I would like to suggest improving the mobile support for the web UI, specifically regarding accessing logs. Currently, when I receive Slack notifications for job, sensor, or schedule failures and try to view them in Dagit on my mobile device, it is often impossible to view the logs. Even after rotating the screen, the interface often remains unworkable, leaving me with no choice but to switch to my PC. Better mobile support would empower developers/users to effortlessly monitor failures, access logs, and enhance their overall experience and productivity. Thanks!
hi @FĂ©lix Tremblay! Mobile support has been in the backlog for quite awhile, but hasn't been prioritized as of yet -- would you mind chiming in on the issue and giving a bit more context on the use cases that are most important to you?