Hello! Has anyone successfully connected Dagster t...
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Hello! Has anyone successfully connected Dagster to Datahub? If so, how did you do it? We are trying to follow along the docs provided by Dagster for the Datahub connector, but they are very scant.
@Jordan Wolinsky contributed this integration, do you mind weighing in here?
hey! 👋 the datahub resources that dagster provides are thin wrappers around the rest and kafka emitters found here
Thanks for the quick response! We've used the rest emitter for other connectors successfully. We're just unsure on how to set this up in Dagster.
They use the old dagster resource style (not Pythonic) so youll just need to add it to your resource definitions, and potentially use
to pass in any configuration youd want. Using them is like any other resource usage in an op/asset