:wave: Hello, we would like to announce a new vers...
# dagster-plus
👋 Hello, we would like to announce a new version of our GitHub CI/CD workflow for all Hybrid users. Your existing workflows will continue to work and you do not need to port them. However, the new workflow makes a few things better: 1. Full and branch deployments are both implemented in a single file so there is less duplication. 2. The docker build is fully under your control so you can use any advanced features of the build-push-action. 3. Multiple docker builds happen in a single job by default, so the local build cache gets reused. It is also easier to reuse the same docker image tag for multiple code locations. 4. You can easily select a subset of code locations to deploy. The new workflow is also available for Gitlab. Let us know if you want to use the new workflow and have any questions!
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