Tim Castillo

05/25/2023, 6:46 PM
Weekly Release Highlights: 1.3.6 :wheel: Execute steps in a K8s pod with the
, without needing
🎧 View and filter lists of schedules and sensors by status in the UI :mouse_trap: Recent UX change for navigating the asset graph includes an instructional tooltip and now works consistently across platforms More about cloud: :roller_skate: Read new docs for recent Dagster Cloud Teams RBAC changes 🚵‍♂️🏽 The ECS agent can now configure sidecars to be included with the tasks that the agent launches More about integrations: 🌴 [dagster-dbt] Fixed an issue where dbt logs were not captured 🦆 [dagster-duckdb] New guide and API reference for DuckDB's I/O managers and resource Experimental changes: 🌾 Try
for granular control over your dbt models (RFC/Guide on this to be shared soon) 🥃 Turn on a new asset overview via user settings What was your favorite change in this release? React to this message with its emoji!
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05/25/2023, 9:51 PM
An overview of the new
APIs is contained in this GitHub Discussion! Please take a read if you are interested in the direction of the
integration, and leave any comments if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

R Lucas

05/28/2023, 1:08 PM
Hello, What is the change (new page?) from "new asset overview" ?